Friday, October 8, 2010

" soul waits..."

Could these "bright blue days of October" be any prettier? That is what Grandma used to call these days with endless blue skies, no clouds, and alas, no rain! We do need some rain so badly. Isn't it funny how memories of 60-70 years ago will just rush through your mind...where did that come from? I can see myself playing in the rain in Grandma's yard, jumping off a rock that seemed so large (I looked at it years later--about 6 inches high). There were little "creeks" that ran down through the yard in the rain, and down to the big creek. I would run down these streams, loving the never seemed to be thunder or lightening, no danger...just fun. One of these summer days, the cow had a calf born in the front yard. I never knew how she came to be out in the front , but can remember that baby calf being born there.

Grandma had a long driveway around the house. I suppose the yard comprised of almost two acres, front and back, two creeks and all. Mama drove pretty fast around that driveway and one day, she "tore" around the driveway to the back, pushed it into park, except she hit reverse , and drove back smack into and through the smokehouse! It tore up the smokehouse that had stood there all those years! The car was not in too bad a condition, but had to be pulled out of that building!

Oh these memories...

Today was a better day, kind of. I was a little nauseous and took zofran twice, and slept some but really not a bad day. Each day, I wonder if this is as bad as it will get? I know days 7-10 will be the lowest point as far as blood levels go, and I need to be careful about hugging others...had not worried about that the past two chemo's but need to now. I am so vulnerable to infection with low white cell count. Each day is an adventure. I am thankful for each day of life! "I wait for the Lord, my soul waits and in His word I put my hope." Psalm 130:5

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