Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Comfort my people, says your God..."

"Comfort, comfort my people says your God, Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, A voice of one crying in the desert, prepare the way of the Lord...Any the glory of the Lord will be revealed...for the mouth of the Lord has spoken..." Isaiah 40, part of verses 1,3 and 5.

I can just hear the singing of the "Messiah" and feel that is indeed Christmas!

One of my great grandmother's came to mind today. She was Grandpa's mother and she lived in Kentucky on a farm. (It was her mother that fed the Union soldiers that I have told about earlier). My grandma was visiting there on the farm and this great grandmother came out as they were leaving and handed her an iron cornbread muffin pan (the stick muffin kind), drying it on her apron as she came out, and said "I want you to have this". I still have that muffin pan and treasure it for the memories and the family behind it. This same great grandmother had long thick hair. She brushed it 100 times every night. She told that it had only been wet once in her life when she was baptized. Can you imagine never washing your hair? But Grandma said her hair was beautiful, clean and shiny! When she died, her children wrote the most eloquent obituary (in the paper) praising her qualities and beautiful christian life. I still have that framed article.

My fingers are still improving and I dread starting the pills again, but my hands are still swollen and my arms have that rash. I am a wreck! But I feel really good. I thought I had finished my shop sewing today except I am finishing a dress for a "great". I have made dresses for two more "greats". Then tonight I found out I may have four more pillows to make. I have two weeks so I can get that done. Everyone wants things for holiday parties in November and December. Merry Christmas!

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