Sunday, December 26, 2010

"...we saw His star in the east..."

Matthew 2:2 tells of the wise men (Magi) who "from the east came to Jerusalem and asked 'Where is the one who has been born King of the Jews? We saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.'" the end of the Bible, Revelations 22:16, Jesus says "I am the bright Morning Star." What would Christmas be without stars? They seem such an essential part, maybe because Jesus is our Morning Star!

All our Christmas trees have a star on top. I have a very nearly torn up one that was Grandma's but it had to go on the top every year! We also have the three wise men featured in our nativity sets and show them by the side of baby Jesus even though it probably was a number of months before they actually got there and Mary and Joseph had long since moved into a house. I have two special sets of wise men that are treasured possessions. I have angels and sheep all over the house, a sheep tree and I used to have an angel tree but space does not allow that many trees now. I actually have six small trees instead of seven large ones I used to have.

Decorating is fun and we have enjoyed seeing how everything would look in our new apartment. I am sure I will re do things next year.I made my 27Th annual Santa pillow this year. I started this in 1984 and make one each year as the X stitch pattern comes out in august. It is always a Santa doing his annual "whatever" and then after they are embroidered I make a pillow. I also X stitch other Christmas patterns and make pillows for gifts, and get a lot done as I sit in chemo.

So we have finished this Christmas and all the gifts and decor and food and cards and it was fun and I am glad I felt like doing it all. (Last year I was too sick to do anything) So we always look forward to the next and today was good and I feel pretty good, ther sore hands and just some nausea--cannot be totally OK! Happy end of Christmas and Happy almost New Year! God bless and keep us healthier and well for this new year!

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