Thursday, December 2, 2010

"The Lord will fulfill His purpose..."

my hands are so sore..actually it is mostly my finger tips that are cracked. The doctor was concerned today and took me off the pill chemo for 8 days. I am so excited, because I can almost eat wonderfully well for these 8 days. It won't be normal tomorrow but each day it will get better. FUN! I hope the raw throat will get better also. They think it will.

I went to art tonight and we had our Christmas party. I ate because it was there and looked good. Everyone said it was. Anyway, we had fun and enjoyed just being together.I found an old picture of Johny sitting by the Christmas tree (he would have been 11 months old) looking at the ornaments. I have got to paint that some time this year. It will make a great Christmas scene. Most of us are painting winter or holiday pictures.

At Sarah Cannon today I met two ladies with cancer I have not seen before and also met a new nurse. Whether patient or nurse or doctor, everyone is encouraged or encouraging--always with a smile--in a place of hope, help and healing. When I got to SC today, most of the nurses and lab people were in a meeting and one your man took me back and drew the blood from my arm. I said something about the day, and he replied, "the day is a blessing from the Lord. " What a blessing for me to have someone, a christian, share his faith like that. We talked a minute about how God has blessed us both to share His word.

"The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; your love O Lord, endures forever..." Psalm 138:8

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