Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"...and when you pray, go to your room..."

This being Wednesday, we went to church tonight and our lesson was on prayer, and as Matthew 6:8 says"..your Father knows what you need before you ask Him." The lesson centered on the fact that God wants us to pray, not just for asking for our needs, but to develop a closer relationship with Him. The more a person talks to a family member or friend, the closer they are with each other and the same applies even in our relationship with God. Matthew 6:6 tells us to go to our room to pray so this is a very special close "one on one" relationship with God. I am so thankful for answered prayer, for John's eyes being better (the hematoma is nearly well), and my being able to go without chemo, praying daily that I can continue to go a longer time as is. Life sure is so wonderful not going to the doctor every week, not having the "rat poison" every three weeks (and daily pill).

My daughter in law was reading some of my life "story" to one of the greats (her grandson) and he decided to write his biography! He is six. So he told his grandmother what to write.

"2004--I was born" "2005--I was one and wondering what I would be when I grow up" "2006-- I was two and waiting for my baby brother to be born and wondering what I would get for Christmas" "2007-- I can't remember what he said next, but he is so much fun and of course we think very smart!

Speaking of what he was hearing about my life, my friend in Texas, Cathy Messecar has written her third book, second devotional book--A STILL QUIET SOUL--Embracing Contentment" (published by Leafwood) and I am honored to be included in this book. She writes about a number of individuals who have faced disasters, illness, poor decisions, loss of faith and yet God has always been there for one who seeks Him. His word gives hope and through faith in Jesus our saviour and God our Father, we can arrive at contentment with whatever happens in our lives. His indwelling Spirit hears our cries and prays when we cannot. The Bible scriptures in each chapter of this book lead to deeper biblical understanding and solutions of painful times.

Cathy has been such a gift with her deep love for God and her special ability to write and interpret. She has led me to deeper searching in scriptures. She has also given me her wonderful gift of friendship.

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