Wednesday, April 20, 2011

" is by faith you stand firm..."

This is it, just these words from II Corinthians (1:24) that stood out tonight..."it is by faith you stand." Oh I hope so. I pray for faith to be strong and show God in my life. I pray for strength, physically and mentally, and emotionally.

I have times I feel so "strung out" and I wonder if I should feel that way. My nerves are on edge sometimes. But 7 years of cancer can get on your nerves!!! I am blessed to be physically able to do what I do. I can still dig in my flower beds with the grubbing hoe. My mental ability ? I think so many surgeries and so many chemo's have kind of made my brain like a wheel, running a little slower than it used to. Fun!

Our potatoes are nearly a foot tall and looking really good! John's green beans are up and 3-4 inches high. Many flowers are up and I am trying to find out what I have put out (several friends gave me starts from their flower beds) My hosta bed is the prettiest and growing so lush. A friend gave me lenten rose to put in between the hostas and this blooms in February. They will come along before the hostas next spring and fill up areas nicely. When I talk about our vegetable area, I am meaning "square foot gardening"! Very small 8x10 areas...

Well this week, after an 80 degree day comes a morning of about 38--the locust trees are blooming, only the white locust so far. The black locust blooms purple and I have not seen any of those yet. So this is locust winter. We have one more "winter"--blackberry when they bloom, which should be a little bit into May. That will be the last of our winters then summer!

I have had pain the past two nights which has kept me awake. It may be the wandering gall stone which pops up occasionally. I had one show up on a CT about 6 months ago and have had several times of unexplained pain. So I guess that is it. Wish it would go away! on its own! without surgery! Still no fingernails, but maybe a little white area showing at the bottom of the nail bed. Hair growing very slowly! I pray for stronger faith! I praise God every day for all blessings John and I have.

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