Sunday, April 17, 2011

" Pray in the spirit..."

Today was the last workshop day and I learned so much, not only methods but being aware of possibilities of use of colors. One fun process we did, was a musical chairs sort of painting...each person painted a small 6x6 canvas for 5 minutes, then everyone shifted to the right and we painted on the next canvas..each one was different pictures to paint. Each one used different techniques but when I came to the next painting, it was "mine". Amazing how "free" you can paint when you don't "claim" that canvas. Our teacher is so friendly and encouraging...someone you wish you could be with as a friend.

When I was getting ready to get up this morning. I was remembering Sunday mornings when I was growing up. Early summer, walking thru the grass, barefooted, to get the paper. I could hear a small church up the lane from where I grew up, with the bells ringing. We lived on a country lane and surrounding this church was a Black community that mostly was Civil war inherited land. Three ladies and their families used to come to our house and work for and with Mama and Grandma. Jessie was the best biscuit maker. She said the secret to good biscuits was to barely get enough flour that the biscuits would not totally stick to the other words, not too much flour. Ophelia was the main lady who came when one of us was sick or Mama needed help for spring cleaning . Her Father worked up at the highway and I used to walk to catch the bus and he was going to work and we walked together. She lived to be 100 and I loved her so much. Thelma was the third lady and she stayed with Mama some after Mama's stroke. They would just fuss about what to do and how to do it! They were so funny. We loved all these women and saw them grow old and one by one die. Thelma was the last one to pass. The Art College where I was this weekend is where their houses used to be. Time marches on! The church is long gone. I miss all these precious women and friends, the church bells, and times of growing up.

Grandma was my Sunday School teacher when I was 8..she taught 8 year old girls for about 40 years. This was such a blessing as was everything I did with her.

Ephesians 6:10 says "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. and verse 18, "..pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests..." Our daily prayers are for healing, for us and our friends and family who have needs. Thank you God for answered prayer.

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