Thursday, April 7, 2011

"we are the clay..."

"...O, Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are the work of your hand." Isaiah 64:8

I spent the day with my sister, and we sewed together. She also has a workroom for my daughter's shop, as I do. We talked about family things and about how Daddy said, "he and Mama had such fun and felt like it would just go on forever". That is how John and I feel sometime and know it won't. I have told how Mama and Daddy died 3 days apart. His doctor said , if he could, he would have put on his death certificate, "died of a broken heart".

We miss our sister every day. She has been gone ten years and we can laugh about things we did. She was the proverbial "middle child" and always felt like she was not like us two. I remember when Mama was expecting her and she would rest out in the shade on a cot, every afternoon and I would sit and talk to her. ( I was 9 when this sister was born) We were spread out and the sister I have now was born four years later. Because of this age difference, we were never close until we were grown and then we all three became inseparable and like a "matched set". We never fussed (after we grew up) and really were blessed with this closeness.

We were made by God's hands and He blessed us with each other, but it is lonely when you lose a sibling. I am so glad I still have my baby sister.

Now I have my toe nails ,not coming off, but still skin cracked at the edge of the nails and the nail itself, thick and strange . If I had know all these side effects, I would never have done this experimental. I bet the doctors stop this combination of drugs. We will see, anyway, I am thankful for feeling good as I do!

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