Friday, April 22, 2011

"He went out to the place of the Skull..."

John 19:17-18..."Carrying His own cross, He went out to the place of the Skull (which in Aramaic is called Golgotha). Here they crucified Him, and with Him, two others--one on each side and Jesus in the middle."

Easter -- when we celebrate spring, and emphasize Jesus' dying on the cross, ...God is so patient with us humans as we try to show our love.

Our family always had a big Easter dinner, and Mama and Daddy always invited all our in laws and us three girls and our families of course. This was the first day of "summer" so to speak and we would always jump in the swimming pool in the afternoon, no matter how cold it was unless it was snowing or THAT cold. The men would always play shuffle board. We would always have a ham and "summer" food, like potato salad, and jello salad. Making ice cream would be saved for later in the summer.

Today, thinking about jello, I remembered a restaurant in town that we would always go to when Mama, Grandma and I would go in to Nashville ( a big event back then). I was probably 6-10 years old when we did this. We would walk 1/2 mile up to the corner of our lane, catch a bus and ride the 10 miles in to town. We would always eat lunch at Shackletts. This was a cafeteria like none other. There was an organ playing on the balcony and no matter what you got to eat, a waitress came around with a basket of sweet rolls! They were so special! I always got the same thing--creamed potatoes with gravy and red jello. Then Daddy was gone, my next sister was small and things changed. But this was a special time.

Any time family is together the memories are special. Unfortunately nothings ever stays the same, except family love and special love for God and Jesus. I pray for good Easter times for all.

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  1. I saw your comment re: Jello. We were going to join friends for lunch today. My husband said, do you think you could make green jello with cottage cheese, pineapple and pecans? I did...everyone said it was their favorite jello. : ) I thought Jello was only a southern food!
    I hope you are doing well today.
    We are loved by a wonderful God. He has Risen!
    love kathryn