Saturday, February 12, 2011

"...but Joshua spared Rahab..."

Speaking of snow, in Job 38:22 , God asks Job "have you entered the storehouse of the snow..." What an image this envisions...more snow than we can comprehend...and I bet Johny keeps an eye out for that area :-)

When the children of Israel went into take Jericho (and Rahab had helped save the spies,) is a story we all know and how the Israelites marched around the city and eventually the walls fell down. This is told about in Joshua 6. When we went through this area of Israel, there is a deep hole in the ground and rubble around a large area and this is ruins of "Jericho" in the Bible era. It has been rebuilt several times and is supposed to be the longest, continually, inhabited town in the world.

In Judges 7, the Bible tells of Gideon and his preparation for battle and how God told him to bring his men to the spring of Harod and God picked the fighting men according to how they drank from this stream. We have stood by this spring of Harod and marveled at just a simple "creek" should be so important , but then God usually choses simple things to astound us.

There are so many with cancer but I especially think of Gene daily (my friend in Florida) and another dear friend of the family, Kathryn, who is also doing through this "valley".... I may have scratched a little less today, so that is a BLESSING. My nails look horrible and I hate going out in public, but we do what we have to do!
Please pray for courage and strength for each of us and those we do not know who are with us.

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