Monday, February 28, 2011

"Always glory! Always praise!"

Romans 11:36 (The Message)" Everything comes from Him; Everything happens through Him; Everything ends up in Him. Always glory! Always Praise! Yes..Yes..Yes"

When we had the second house which was our "dream home", we also had a log cabin (which I think I have told about already. We had such fun building it, doing the chinking of the logs, making it as authentic as possible. I put my weavings in it, and some old quilts, including the one my great grandmother made. We found an old four poster bed that had originally been a rope bed and it was perfect in there. Our oldest grandson and his wife have that bed now.

I used to climb trees--alot--even now I might climb a little one. Back growing up I would climb trees so high that the limbs would sway and they were probably 50 feet high at least. When John and I were dating, he came early one night and found me up in a tree. He told me later he wondered just "who is this girl I might marry?" When we camped with the children and even the grandchildren there were always wonderful pine trees to climb and we had our favorites at each camp ground.

We used to camp--all over the United States, in fact we camped in all but 3 states. We had a Coleman travel trailer and it sure did travel well. There was a tent on top that opened up and a bed on each end that pulled out; all our supplies pushed in under all that. I sure do miss the camp fires and the sitting around that in the mornings, cooking breakfast over the fire, sitting there at night, and just relaxing. Sure enough, there is a "time for everything" we sure were blessed to be able to do all the things we have done.....

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