Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Out of Egypt..."

From Joseph to Jesus, the Bible shows intermingling of His people in and with the Egyptians...In Genesis 40:41 Pharaoh made Joseph in charge of his kingdom and Matthew 2:15 God says "out of Egypt I have called my son."

With all the news about Egypt lately, I thought about where we had gone and what we saw there. We went in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo (where the rioters this week have damaged some of the museum). We saw many beautiful antiquities that are irreplaceable such as King Tut's sarcophagus and gold jewelry, bowls, chairs, etc.. We went down into a pyramid, a burial shaft, deep underground where they buried the kings. We rode a camel and went to the Sphinx. We took a boat up the Nile River which unusually, flows north. When we left Egypt we crossed around the Red Sea and went to the base of Mount Sinai , spent the night and about 3 AM, climbed the mountain and got to the top at dawn and watched the sun come up from the top of Mr. Sinai. The rocks were fire red at dawn and this was an unforgettable experience. It was very cold up on top. We thought we had warm clothes but we were still cold and "rented" camel blankets from the camel drivers to stay warm. Amazing what one will do to stay warm!!!

Our experiences in Egypt and around all that country, Jordan and Israel will never be forgotten, seeing part of the Bible come to life.

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