Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"...the rain and the snow come down from heaven.."

"...and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and is my word that goes out....and achieve the purpose for which I sent it..." Isaiah 55: parts of verses 10-11...seeing about snow in the Bible, in fact there are nearly 30 verses about snow.

Today on local TV they showed how this year's snows are compared to the 1959-60 we had over 38 inches of snow and this year so far, about 14, so this is lots of snowy days but not that much each time. We have pictures of the children in the snow that year and our daughter was a baby and she was out in the snow in a snowsuit...with the boys. We had a lot of snowy days when the children were growing up and used to sled down Gallatin Road (a major highway now). It was only a two then four land road then and with big snows, no traffic and we lived on a hill and it was great sledding.

One of those years my aunt and uncle next door had died and my sister and her husband lived there for a year or so. John worked uptown at the State Health Dept. and there came a big fast snow. Usually when I kept the car (our only one) I would pick him up about three miles away at the end of the bus line. This night, there was no buses running and he could not find a way home. We had no cell phones then, so we think he must have gone back into the state building and called us..and my brother in law drove up town, found John in East Nashville where he had walked to. The buses were all stacked on the bridge and could not go into or out of town because of the heavy snow. John finally got home about 9 that night!

We love the snow and complain about driving in it..we take pictures of it and watch the flakes come down. Johny loved the snow so much and I think he must be in heaven working overtime on wanting it to snow this year...(You know it snowed on his birthday January 25 and we said he was reminding us about his day---as if we needed that). It is another of God's beautiful scenes and will give us wonderful water for the spring.

As for me today, same-old, same-old...rash driving me crazy itching/sore. I am using lots of creams and salves and special body wash, etc. I hope one more month will heal this!!! I know it is all in God's timing.


  1. Barbara Johnson-ClarkFebruary 10, 2011 at 8:56 PM

    Hi Bev,
    I'm a few hours late in reading your Wednesday post! It is now Thursday night (-: It was so crazy here last night with the children being absolutely wild running from window to door and back to window again. And of course they were watching the Snow Watch map to be SURE there would be no school today. They were a hoot, and in the middle of it all they kept reminding me that this might be Mrs. Bev's six inch snow--the one they've been praying for you to get. Well, it's not six inches, but it surely was a show stopper, wasn't it? And I pointed out to them that it's only February 10, and as often as we've had snow, we still could get "Mrs. Bev's snow". I never realized there were so many references to snow in the Bible. Thanks for that very interesting information! Hearing you talk about the old days on Gallatin Road, families owning one car, and Beth and Johnny just takes me back to my school days. My Mom loved the snow, too. She always made divinity candy for me when it snowed and I was out sledding with my friends. Those were good times weren't they? We are praying every day and night and in between for you to have healing of everything from rash to cancer. It will come, but as you say, in God's time.
    We love you so,
    Barbara and Alan

  2. dear beverly -
    this is kelley again - from painting (though i haven't painted in quite some time now). just wanted to let you know i think of you and pray for you often. may relief be yours soon, and God be yours always.