Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"...the hand of the Lord..."

Just a little of this and that..........our cousins in Columbia, Missouri have 18 inches of snow so far at 7 pm tonight and it is still falling. I 70 is shut down all the way across Missouri...this all just boggles the mind! They have a gang of grandchildren (7) and no one could get to anyone else if they were needed...that is scary! We have not talked to the part of the family who are at the family farm a few miles from Columbia. They got rid of their animals a few years ago and just raise corn and day lilies...beautiful amazing day lilies and have an open house in June and people come from all over and pick the ones they want and then the cousins ship the lilies in September. They also have a gang of grandchildren (10 I think) One of their daughter's and her husband are missionaries in Turkey and we pray they will be safe in all this unrest.

I may lose 3 fingernails and another one is very, very sore. This chemo is doing things they did not mention! I am not sure they knew what all it would do---(that's why it is called experimental!) There is still swelling and rash--I don't think it is ever going away! Food is tasting better and I am hungry all the time.

Our friend Gene (in Florida) as more spots in his liver, please pray for him and his family. He and I are in the same spot. One blessing, is the liver tumors grow slowly.

In Joshua 4:24, talking about how God dried up the Jordan River so they could cross over, and wonderful faith for us..."He did this so that all the people of the earth might know that the hand of the Lord is powerful and so that you might always fear the Lord your God." We crossed the Jordan River close to this spot and it is amazing to be at biblical sites and know what happened there. I want to always know the Hand of the Lord and His power!

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