Friday, February 11, 2011

"A friend loves at all times..."

Proverbs has lots of short "sayings" about friends, but this is the best (Proverbs 17:17) I think, because we are blessed with friends who have always been there for us.

I may have told about this but I cannot remember. About 15 years ago ( or more) we had one of those terrific ice storms followed by snow. Our home had no electricity for 11 days and John and I made it ok by becoming early Americans again. We walked to friend's homes each night and had a shower and a hot meal. After about a week, the roads were open and we could drive to other friends who lived farther away and be taken care of. At night we kept warm with our wood burning stove and closed off much of the house so that the heat went up the stairs to our bedroom. We cooked oatmeal on that stove each morning and soup at noon and survived quite well . We listened to books on tape with our portable radio at night for entertainment. Each time I walked by a light switch, I would flip it, from force of habit!

We found out later that the reason we had no electricity when neighbors across the street had it was because (by some fluke) the transformer for our side of the street ran behind a woods and was not easily accessible, so the electric company put us off until last to be turned on!

We were so blessed by the help and generosity of our friends during that time!

As for me, not much better with the rash...I wonder if it will ever go away! I pray for relief and back to normal! Friends send beautiful cards and check on me and again we are blessed!

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