Monday, November 1, 2010

"A friend loves at all times..."

John was working in his shop and got a tiny, tiny spec of sawdust in one eye...he was miserable last night and we were at his eye doctor's this morning and the doctor removed this could hardly see it but it sure did hurt--all night! So he has salve and hopefully it will be normal in a day or so...and John can sleep tonight.

We did our every first Monday night of each month with three other couples, with whom we have met for dinner for 34 years! We all got to know each other when us "girls" were at the same school, three of us as teachers and one as the secretary. We were at the same table for the end of school banquet and had such fun, we decided to meet regularly and we have. One couple has moved out of state and we used to meet halfway every so often for dinner. We have seen children grow up, grandchildren born, parents pass away, tragedies that happen in families, illnesses, jobs change, moving to new homes, and most of us retired now, and the neatest thing is our ages range over 30 years apart. We have had such fun over these years. Along the way, one of the girls and I found out we are distant cousins. We share the same great-great grandmother for her, and great grandmother for me. Isn't life fun!
Proverbs has several comments about friends--17:17 says "A friend loveth at all times.." and 18:24 says "there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."

Tomorrow is chemo day ( I hope) since it has been put off for over a month. I feel like tumors are growing all the time...I don't know that for a fact, just wondering...anyway, if I am going to do it, let's get on with it!

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