Saturday, November 13, 2010

"to you, O lord, I will sing praise..."

This evening John and I attended a concert by one of my nurses at Sara Cannon. When we met I felt she was very special and quickly learned she is a christian with a very special gift. Her singing is wonderful and she gave her testimony and how God had rescued her from a secular life, and how her voice is now dedicated to God.
I was thinking tonight how we all have special songs that mean so much to us.

Our "great" is here tonight sleeping in "her room" in our daughter's part of the house. She and I and my daughter had fun sewing together, and our great is learning to sew. She is six and my daughter was a little older than that when she first started sewing. Tonight the three of us made a small quilt and the "great" put it on her bed and wrote a sign for the sewing room door "me, CC and BB shop" . Her mother used to help us sew and I would rock the great and sing "You are my sunshine" to her. She says she remembers it???

I remember Mama's favorite church song was "I come to the garden alone..." and Daddy's was "Angry Words" (Angry words, oh never from my lips depart...) a very old song. Grandma used to clean house or work in the yard and always singing a church hymn. John says he cannot remember his parents favorite hymns. I especially love the new songs that come from the Psalms, it is like singing the Bible.

Except for the food taste(awful) this has been a good day. Nothing that was too bad to deal with. I am praying for health and continued joy and peace.

"I will sing of your love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will sing praise." Psalm 101:1

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