Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Give thanks... the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever." and the last sentence of this Psalm 107 " ...and consider the great love of the Lord." I feel like the most blessed person there is!
Today has been better, mainly because I took a zofran soon as I got up and another about 5 this afternoon. We had a really busy day--John had two doctor's appointments and his eye doctor said John's "good" eye was no worse and the "bad" eye is not better, but John could see a glimmer in the eye chart. We are thankful for this being no worse. I sure could not have done yard work today so I am glad I did all that on Wednesday. I have kind of a "floating" feeling and nothing feels normal. I am trying the 6 small meals a day they recommend to prevent nausea but don't know how that is doing yet. I went to art tonight and felt better once I got involved in painting and talking to friends there. We are having a big art show in September and a tent, music, and all that and selling "100 for $100", or art works that are extra affordable . We are working hard to paint canvasses that one might afford on a limited budget, and yet have original art for their home.
In 1984 (about) I went to Japan on a cultural/mission tour.(John did not go) We represented a sister-city aspect to a small town there with another town near here. There were about 40 or us and we also taught conversational English in several schools in Tokyo and Yokohama. We handed out Bibles to any who wanted one. Part of the time we stayed in homes and then in a mountain resort and in hotels. We rode the Bullet train, experienced a minor earthquake while on the top of the tallest hotel in Tokyo one day, and were treated like royalty! The Japanese people are so very honest,hospitable and kind.
The strangest feeling of all was seeing that flag when the plane landed! (I can remember World War II). But that was long ago and those enmities are long gone.
My sister (who is deceased) and her family were also on this trip. One day she and I were walking down a mountain path halfway around the world and that was a really, really strange realization! Lots of wonders in this world! I pray tomorrow is a better day for all us cancer patients. God bless!

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  1. Thank God for zofran!
    I'll be at your art show in spirit!