Saturday, July 24, 2010

Out of Egypt...

The Holy Land trip we took and also took our two oldest grandsons, and our daughter, was to Rome, Italy, Cairo,Egypt, crossed the Red Sea, climbed Mt Sinai, Jordan, Petra, the Sea of Galilee, Meggido, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and more to tell about later.
Rome was incredible, seeing the famous buildings I had studied about in Art History...the fountains--the two boys just were awed at all the ancient walls, and roads, aqueducts, and the Coliseum. I guess my favorite was the is in every art book and the perfection of the architecture.
In Egypt, we went to the Egyptian Museum, and to several pyramids. This month, I just read James Patterson's latest book (a true murder mystery) and it tells so much about what the early 1900's incessant search for these tombs and their treasures. They brought King Tut's treasures here a few years ago but we had seen them in Cairo.
The funniest things happened in Cairo: There are at least eight lanes of traffic on the major roads, but who is counting???If you see a lane, you take it!!!There are no lines and it is the wildest driving I have every seen. We were on a bus, and a truck next to us full of workers, and a little donkey pulling a cart, all trying to make a curve...the donkey "held his own!" and made his own lane like everyone else did.
As in all Middle Eastern countries, the people eat a flat bread, baked in an outdoor oven. People have this three times a day, and sell it from card tables by the road side..not very sanitary!
Fun to remember us riding a camel, can't believe we stooped way down and climbed down into a tomb (pyramid) about claustrophobia!
Wish I felt like doing all this now!
Matthew 2:15 , the Lord says, "Out of Egypt I have called my son.."
To be where Bible characters walked is just incredible. On the first trip to Europe, we went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, and I thought, how many of the disciples had boats, here, and walked in the edge of this same water, and assuming Jesus was in that water, maybe
I had the worst abdomen pain last night, and fever has been up to 101, but I did not call them...I will see the doctor on Monday. I slept much of today and feel like I wasted my entire day! There is always tomorrow.

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