Tuesday, July 6, 2010

:Therefore God exhaulted Him to the highest place..."

"and gave the name that is above all names, That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow..."Philippians 2:9-10
We sing this Bible passage as a song and it is beautiful when sung.
You know how you have different special groups of friends? Well, in 1978 My first year teaching at a christian school, at a banquet, four of us and husbands ended up at a table together. We are all ages. Well 32 years later, we are still close friends and still get together once a month for eating out and dessert at each other's homes. We used to cook, but quit that a number of years ago. Our collective lives are like a soap opera, and we are great support for each other . One couple moved out of state for a few years,and we would meet halfway several times a year to keep our companionship going. We have raised children, gone through parents' loss, bought and sold houses, helped to move furniture, changed jobs, retired, going through illnesses, depressions, always maintaining the close tie among the 8 of us, and always knowing our prayers are for each other. One of the couples (the wife) turned out to be my cousin. They were expecting a baby boy and she told me his name-to-be and I said that was the name for my newest grandson. She said that was her great grandmother's name, and I said, me too!!! So she asked her Dad for family records and we found out we are indeed cousins.
I had the fourth MRI today, not so bad, I still took the atavan but really think I could do it without the meds if I have to do another one. Nausea still--and I have realized I have lost about 10 pounds since spring. When you are sick, nothing appeals and nothing tastes good. Next Monday is the second of four chemo's in this cycle. I pray I can do it!

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