Thursday, July 1, 2010

..."The Lord is my strength and my song..."

More about Edenwold....with such a rich name, and such a tiny community...By the early 1900's, this land joined what had been Andrew Jackson's, the area boasted a "swinging bridge" and people and cars went over to go to another small town called "Old Hickory". (You know this is Jackson's nickname) When Old Hickory became the site for Du Pont's powder plant in World War I, a real bridge was built with guard towers and the swinging bridge fell into disrepair. A tornado came through this area and many houses in Edenwold either were taken by the winds or several burned down at one time or another. John's grandfather's house was one that burned in Edenwold. John's parents and several relatives lived there also in early days.
Back to the time of the house being first built, during the Civil War, a regiment of Northern soldiers stayed in the original house built on the land grant. Many years later, a very old lady attended her granddaughter's wedding and met an older gentleman. He told about staying in a lovely house in Edenwold during the war. The elderly lady said icily, "You must be the ones who stole our silver!"
Many tales can be told about this area and the old houses that used to be there!
Well, the nausea that started last night continued today, and thank goodness for Zofran! I don't know if this is the main side effect I will have and if it will continue?
Isaiah 12:2 and 5 tell "The Lord, the Lord is my strength and my song....Sing to the Lord for He has done glorious things..."

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