Monday, July 19, 2010

"...His works are perfect..."

One of the nicest things about living here is getting to see one of our greats very often. She is the only one living in our city. The other six are out of town and out of state and we only see them about three times a year...which is sad!!! We keep up with them but it is not the same as hugs and kisses, story time and playing. This one runs in, hugs and says "I love you"...tonight she "designed" a pillow for her room and she even helped sew a little. She really wants to learn to sew and probably will be sewing by age seven. Cathy (our daughter) was sewing by age eight. Little did we know how "prophetic" it was when I told her she might need to know how to sew some day. I stay busy sewing for her shop and she even still sews occasionally, but usually she is too busy keeping the shop going and customers' needs met.
Today was a good day, just blood draws, and my blood counts were good, nothing lower than last week (still not up to normal, but not dropping either)and I felt good until afternoon then had to take a zofran for nausea. Still, so far, I feel better than any other chemo. Next Monday is #3 so we will see how it is then.
Tonight John and I were talking about how people used to say, "You have outdone yourself" or "You really put the big kettle in the little one" . Both mean that the cooking was just the BEST.
One trip to Europe, we and two friends flew to England, rented a flat in London for 10 days. We got Brit rail passes, and each day they and we went all over England and Scotland. Most of the time we went separately then back for dinner at night in our flat. British TV is nothing like ours and hilarious in its "nothingness"... One night we went to see Agatha Christie's "The Mouse Trap", in an old theatre where it had been playing for over 20 years (cannot remember how long). At the time she died, Agatha left that play to one of her nephews and who is laughing now? I believe it is the longest running play ever. We even rode the train to Edinburgh and saw the castle and lots of other places , spent the night there and came back to London in two days. We saw Stone Henge (at that time you could get close to it but now I see where it is fenced off. I had read Edward Rutherfurd's books about this area (especially Sarum and London)and it really made it come to life. The underground there enables you to go EVERYWHERE and just switch trains, according to color and go all over the countryside. I wish we had something like that in this country. But then, we are so spread out, it would not be feasible. Fun trips, fun to remember...lots of other things we did and thankful we could do all this.
"I will proclaim the name of our Lord. O, praise the greatness of our God!He is the Rock!..." Deuteronomy 32:3-4

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