Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Praise the Lord O my soul..."

"...all my inmost being, praise His holy name. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits--who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases..." Psalm 103 1-3.
I can barely remember riding on a Nashville street car. It would go through town and pull in to the "station" at the end, which was next to what is now 3rd avenue, across from the Court House. It was pulled by wires overhead and long cables pulling through the wires. When it left town to go into a small adjoining town, it was called the "interurban" and ran along tracks beside the major highway. There was one that went from Nashville to Gallatin, along an elevated roadway across from John's parents. It was torn down when I was a child but I can remember the roadway for it and the rock "house" to sit and wait still there for several years. At that time, Gallatin Road was two lanes wide!
There was also one that ran from Nashville to Franklin, same sort. There was a park out Gale Lane, that was a walking park, a small zoo, and children rides. This interurban would go to there also. I believe it was call Glendale Park.
Going back to the trip up the Kings Highway in Jordan. I may not have all my facts straight, but seems we went up to Meggido, where Solomon had his stables and horses. This is where we saw the carved stone mangers...Jesus may have slept in one of these stone mangers instead of a wooden one. There were the same basic shape, just carved instead of built.
I wish I had kept a diary as we went along, but if I can think of where we have been then I see it in my mind.
Today, the doctor said he was so glad to know what was the problem, since the ultrasound showed the gall stone. The only problem is removal in the location of the stone would necessitate, removal of the gall bladder and he does not want to get into surgery now. If the stone shifts down a little, it can be removed thru the throat/stomach. We decided to wait a few weeks, see if I have another attack. Meanwhile I had chemo #3 today, as usual slept for three hours because of the benedrill they give me first. It was an 11 hour day, not too bad, just long.
Meanwhile each day I am thankful for God's providence, His giving us lots of good days. I try to not complain-- there are many friends who care and family to be with, lots of blessings!

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