Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Praise be to the Lord..."

"...for He has heard my cry for mrecy. The Lord is my strength and my shield..." Psalm 28:6-7
I get so tired of thinking about having cancer! I sometimes think there is nothing there, and it is just a bad dream. Today was the third day from chemo #3 and the third day is about when it "kicks in". I felt normal yesterday but today I have been shakey, did not care about food, just wanted to lie down and sleep but I did not! There is too much to do to just sleep, so I keep going as much as possible. And now I wonder when the "stone" will act up again. But meantime, I hope to be just normal. I am extra tired tonight. That is part of it also. But, as I have said earlier, this chemo is still not the worst at all--sure hope it is working because it is one I can live with!

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