Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Mark 5:36, says, "Don't be afaid, just believe..."

Today was a weird day, full of things to do, and off and on nausea and fever. I am praying for tomorrow to be a really good day (and the next three) Four of us family "girls" are taking a trip and I am so excited! I will tell all about it when we get back.

As promised tonight I am telling about one of John's great-great grandfathers. He and his family came to this "new world" from Ireland. When he got to West Virginia, he got into trouble and killed someone. His wife wanted to protect him and she urgd him to move on to Tennessee and hide-out. This would have been prior to the Civil War. This grandfather changed his name and joined the Union Army and fought around norther middle Tennessee and Gallatin. He made another family . Some of John's relatives have traced his line back to Scotland and Ireland. So this part of the family was good and bad. They had a castle in Ireland. He was a murderer but a good soldier. He was a biggamist but a good family man. His family was successful in their business endeavors. When we were young I was always interested in family history and John's mother was always very vague and did not know much about her grandparents. I thought this was strange but later found out the secrets of the grandparents.

I will catch up on
Sunday when we return...

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