Sunday, August 1, 2010

"A crown to the aged..."

Proverbs 17:6 says "Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children." I certainly know our grandchildren and children and even the "greats" are a crown to us (and I guess we are aged) and I hope we are the pride of our children!
We spent this weekend with lots of family...our son was here one day, we drove to close to Memphis on Saturday for 3 family birthdays (son, great granddaughter and grandson--all within 3 days). We had such fun being with that much of the family, laughing and telling jokes with the little ones, birthday cupcakes, seeing "who does this one favor?" Of course we think they favor OUR side of the family and I am sure the others think just the opposite. Lots of fun!
We went there and back in one day and spent about six hours there, so when we got home, I was about to fall apart, going straight to bed, with no supper. Today has been a little better, and I went to Sunday School and church. We had another birthday tonight (another great granddaughter) and that was also fun. We have been with about half of our grands and greats this weekend. Tomorrow should be less nausea and maybe my appetite will come back. I have lost too much weight (never thought I would say that). I have struggled with my weight all my life, wanting to be thin ( be careful what you wish for). The great is here, spending the night with our daughter (it is her grandchild) and the great asked me tonight if I could make her a quilt in the morning???I said I don't think I can do that in the morning, maybe soon!!!When asked what she want to do when she is grown, she said she wants to be an artist with me! Oh that I could live long enough to see her grown!!!and what fun to be "an artist with her" Each day is a blessing, God knows. I decided when I get "down" a little (which I do during the worse week of chemo each time,) and think "Why as I doing this chemo?" that that is satan trying to interfere with God's plan for my life. I must not let this "down" period take away from the joy of God's benefits.

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  1. Bev, your thought about satan is right on. i think that often when things are going like i'd like them to go. Satan is the original "think tripper". So glad you were able to be with your family over the weekend. I too went to worship. Next week - maybe Sunday class. I hope so. Best to you today. God smile upon you in all ways. kathryn