Monday, August 2, 2010

..."in heaven and on earth..."

August is here. When we used to camp and the children were hone until Labor Day, we would cram lots of camping trips into August! This will probably be the hottest August in years, with 100 degrees today and tomorrow , maybe more days. BUT, when you get up, the atmosphere is changed! Isn't that strange? Looking out through the yard, there is a softness that is not there in July. AND, when you count the morning "fogs", each one means a snow this winter! So count your fogs, especially in Tennessee.
There used to be a lady who did forecasting, she lived in Crab Orchard, TN and she would look at lots of nature things to determine the winter weather. She was was really very accurate. She is deceased and we hoped her daughter would carry on the tradition but she did not. I am trying to see if I can remember some of the "signs" for the winter. 1. August fogs mean snow 2.Hornet's nest up high means a big snow 3. Woolly worms with a thick coat and a black strip means a cold winter 4. Used to when people had fireplaces, the smoke going toward the ground meant a cold spell 5. Thick Corn shucks meant a bad winter . 6. When The cicadas start chirping sometime is the summer, that means 3 months until the first frost. 7. I cannot think of any more but maybe they will come to me.
Don't you love how God has everything in order? Philippians 2:10 professes that "at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth."
All the crickets, hornets, woolly worms, weather is under His control.
So am I as I go for labs tomorrow. I am having more fever, even on the strong antibiotic. I Don't know why. But today was better than last week, so I can hope for about 6 more good days before the chemo!

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