Friday, April 16, 2010

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him..."

"...who have been called according to His purpose..." Romans 8:28
Today finished my second chemo of this week and I was so tired, because the steroid pill kept me from sleeping last night--only slept about 4 hours totally.. so I dozed thru the whole time, about five hours today. Accessing my port really hurt today, maybe because it was two straight days. I got that panicking feeling again, about "why am I doing this?" But it soon passed.I got another steroid pill today but I think I am so tired and feel pretty low on energy tonight so I might sleep anyway!Several people are looking at our house but so far, no sales. Our apartment we are building at our daughter and son in law's will be finished in a month, so we sure do need to sell!
I have been thinking about how we camped so much when our children were growing up, I guess because this is the time of year when we would start for the "season"... and we made several long trips as well and going locally very often. One of our trips was up the "Great River Road" and we crossed this Mississippi River last week going to Missouri. We thought back about that trip. The road followed up the Mississippi from about St Louis getting smaller and more clear colored as you go north. You go along Mark Twain lands and see areas where many stories were written. Through Iowa, there are many Indian Mounds, state parts and curious shapes of mounds (snakes, circles, cones, etc) which were large ceremonial and burial mounds. Then heading into Minnesota, the headwaters of this tremendous river which at this point, our children jumped across the "river" at its beginning, coming out of a lake. A good trip, except they fought like "cats and dogs" and our daughter got really sick one night, way out in the woods. A fellow camper gave us a heater for our camper and she was ok the next day. The fighting did not go away! and I said, I will never take all Three of these children on another trip together!...and we did not!. We took them by two's or one at a time, but no more threes (on a long trip)
Fun memories and fun times...where did the years go???????

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