Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"The heavens declare the glory of God..."

I hope you have missed me...I certainly missed writing this blog and I guess I am "hooked" now and I never thought I was a writer! I have so much to tell, I have "days" of things to write about! Last week, I completed my first set of chemo on Thursday and Friday then we drove to another state for Anna's funeral. I found out she was 91 not 93, but I think remarkable, regardless of whatever age! I also found out she (on one of her nightly treks to the hamburger joint) asked a young man to give her a ride on his motorcycle which he did and he told her to be sure and not "get fresh with him" when she asked if she could put her arms around him to hang on! What a woman and what a absolute fantastic gift of God to her family! We also found out that during World War II, the tank guys would go out at night (in North Africa) on runs to attack the enemy offences, sometimes they would take the nurses with them (obviously not approved!) but she did some of these runs! Part of her funeral service, included grandchildren speaking, for Anna's two surviving children and for all the grandchildren. They told how she survived and grew in what would have crushed a lesser person. So her family has a wonderful legacy.
After the two days of chemo and our 8 hour drive on Friday night I had a few side effects from the chemo---not unexpected--fever up to 100 each night, hip aches, nausea and loss of appetite. These sound bad, but they (unless they get worse) are less than I have had before in the other three kinds of chemo. I had a "red cell shot" before we left on Friday so I was surprised at the temperature. I sure do hope I can take chemo this week.
When I write this each night, I pray for the "right" Bible verse to come to mind and for the thoughts I have to be just what someone needs to hear. I pray for whoever is reading this blog, if you do, or don't have cancer, maybe you can share in my rambling thoughts.
Tonight, when I sat down, this Bible passage just popped into my mind so I knew it had to be the one! The flowers and trees this weekend had to be the most beautiful spring in many a year. "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the works of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge..." Psalm 19:1-2

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