Sunday, April 4, 2010


Church service today was so special, not only because it was Easter but the depiction of the passover was so moving! There was a "doorway" on the stage, and a "family" came in to paint the door with the blood of the lamb they had slaughtered for that first passover feast. In the darkness of the night as they huddled by the door, you could hear the cries and moans of those who had lost their first born. It was so impressive showing Christ the perfect lamb whose blood was shed for our salvation.
I cannot express ideas like other gifted people, but in my feeble way, this was so wonderful, maybe the most lovely Easter service ever.
Family came by and my great (the six year old) wanted me to see the dress I made her. If is a "Marsha Brady" style, pink with long sleeves, looks so much like the 60's TV shows. She loves it and wants another in a different color. She loves "designing" her dresses, picking out the patterns and the fabric to go with the pattern. I would love to be close to the other Six "greats" but they live in other cities, and we see them about four times a year.
Our granddaughter has three boys and we will see them in May.
Well, ignoring the "gorilla" in the corner, I start prepping for the new chemo tomorrow. We are really counting this working---both John and I and the doctors. I will have a CT after about a month and see how it is doing; but, first, getting started this week!
Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." in John only way to look for the future!

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