Friday, April 2, 2010

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord..."

...and daughters, grandchildren and greats..."children a reward from Him.." Psalm 127:3...we had a chance to spend time with our six year old great granddaughters today, after doctors' visits. She was so spontaneous, excited seeing spring flowers, animals in the fields, just fun to be with. We had a good time with her . John had been to the eye doctor, got a second shot in his left eye, and the pictures of that eye, show he still has vision there, for which we are so thankful! My oncology nurse called, setting everything up for next week. I will go three days, then two each week thereafter.
Easter brings up lots of memories of family having Easter egg hunts, and, looking at our children pictures, thinking how quickly the years went by! Back then we would go to Mama and Daddy's usually for Easter, and if possible, we would go swimming (unless it was really, really cold, below 50), kind of a getting ready for summer! I cannot believe we did that..even on a warm Easter, the water would be so cold!
The men would not go in the water, just us girls and older kids...the men would play shuffleboard. We had a great play area at Mama and Daddy's. Standard foods were baked ham, potato salad, and either biscuit or yeast rolls. Sometimes we made ice cream but usually saved that for warmer weather.
So we have all these memories, hard to believe so many family members are gone.
Our cousin Anna, such a precious, courageous christian woman, is close to being called to heaven. Hospice did not think she would live through today. I wish I had known her earlier in her life. She is really John's first cousin but I claim that entire family as mine, they are all so special. She claimed her children as a heritage, but they will forever claim her as theirs!

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