Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Let the land produce vegetation..."

Genesis 1:11 tells of our earth's creation: "Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: see-bearing plants and trees on the land that bears fruit with seed in it..."
In the south we have spring then we have several "winters". An acquaintance (new to this area) was talking about planting annual flowers last week. Several of us native to here said "no, you have to wait until after blackberry winter!" She was very perplexed and we explained that about Easter, we have dogwood winter, then about the middle of April (right now this year) we have locust winter, when the locust trees bloom. About the early part of May, whenever they bloom, we have blackberry winter. It can get cold enough for a "freeze" and even has snowed during one of these winters. But after blackberry winter, it will be hot and you can plant anything you want to!
An elderly lady told me years ago there are really NINE winters but I failed to ask her to write them down and now don't know but these three main ones. I think "strawberry" and "redbud" are two of them.
God planned and created such a wonderful world. John and I have spent two great days "playing" ourside, moving flowers to our daughter's yard, moving rocks there and building up her flower beds. When I feel good I really feel good, such as these two days. But you know how "low" I can get on bad days. Tomorrow is my 12 hour day, so I dread it. But if it can accomplish the riddance of this cancer, it will be worth it. Please pray...not only for me but for my friend Gene who is having a rough time!

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