Saturday, April 17, 2010

We are God's children...

Romans 8:16-17..."The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children. Now if we are children, them we are heirs-heirs with God and co-heirs with Christ"... Today was good most of the day, and I felt like working in the yard, sewing, looking for lights for our new apartment. Then later, I kind of fell apart, weak, feverish and not feeling so good. So it will be early to bed tonight. This chemo is different from any other I have taken, not as harsh, but still these side effects, mainly weakness, a little short of breath, fever, lack of appetite, and the bad days of the chemo itself. But still I have fairly good five days without the chemo. I am so thankful I am God's child and that He takes care of me, otherwise, I could not handle this on-going illness!
Yesterday I talked about a family trip that almost did us in...the year before that one was really good, different ages of the children being one difference.
We had a big blue station waggon the kind in the 60's that had a big storage space under the back. There were John and I, our three children and my youngest sister (age 14). We each had a space about 12"x20" for all of our clothes in each of these storage spaces. The back held all our camping supplies, tent, food,, where did the children go??We did not have seat belts, so Johny (age 7)was on one back seat on top of camp stuff, my sister on the other side, Jimmy (oldest son, age 9) laid across the back seat on top of the camping things facing the front. Cathy, age 4, sat up from and took naps every day on a pillow in the front floorboard. We went to the Finger Lakes in NY state, through the Adirondack Mountains, through Vermont, New Hampshire, Santa Clause Land, Massachusetts, started to Maine, but it got so cold we turned south back down to New Jersey and Virginia, and back home.
This was a great trip, we saw lots of animals, found creeks to play in, good camping sites, even though we were foot to foot in the tent at night! This was such a great way to take vacations since Johny was retarded and could not relate to every place you might go. As he got older and Cathy passed him up mentally and emotionally, he would get so mad at things, but as this stage passed, they were extremely close and adored each other. Jimmy being older and off to college before this time, did not stay as close to Johny as Cathy did. On this trip, we went by West Point Military Academy. Eight years later, Jimmy was a cadet there, and we often wondered if going by there influenced his desire to go there. He wrote lots of letters, and was able to gain an appointment there from one of our Congressmen. This was a wonderful opportunity and led to many excellent educational openings later. It is fun to think back on so many camping trips..there is more to come!

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