Sunday, April 18, 2010

"I kneel before the Father..."

Yesterday was such a great-work-in-the-yard-day, and today was a go to church and come home and sleep three-four hours! I did not have fever today, just was nauseous and extremely tired. The Doctor said this chemo would be a milder one, but I don't know now. If it is working, I can stand it but if it is not pulling the cancer out of my liver, then I could not take it, I don't think. Do I sound picky or like a baby, "all about me", sorry, sometimes I feel sick of being sick!
So, back to the camping days, I have been talking about. Even if we did not take all three of our children on long trips together, we still went on many, many camping trips (all the Tennessee parks are about one-three hours away.) Since we would go on weekends, we would take "church" with us, and have a devotional, take communion and sing. Johny would go around and ask other campers to come to church with us! He was such a social being!Usually friends and their children would go also.
Our all time favorite park was and still is, Falls Creek Falls State Park. It was very primitive 45 years ago, nothing like the "country club" atmosphere it is today. To get there, we would go up many country roads, many hairpin curves, and always stop at an old timey grocery in Spencer, TN. The owner would take a basket and go pick out what groceries off the shelves that you needed...Then we would go through this narrow lane, and there was an old ESSO station, and it had one pump. The old man there would come out of his farm house and fill up your can. He kept turkeys and other farm animals. One year, another man on that road had just robbed a bee tree and was walking up the road with two hands full of honey comb and honey just dripping. We followed him home and bought some honey he put up in a jar for us. Does anyone have adventures like this today? We had more fun for less money than anyone!
So I am thankful for the days we had, the memories and for this reason, "I kneel before the Father from whom His whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name..." Ephesians 3:14

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