Thursday, April 29, 2010

May I be pleasing in thy sight....

I was looking through my one attempt at scrap booking...the one I did of all our grand children's summer times here and trips we took. Three of our grandchildren have always lived away, in Texas and Georgia. Each summer as they were growing up we would go get them and the other grandparents would take them back and while they were here (usually the month of August) John and I would take them (and our other who lives here) on a trip. We started this when they were young, and the youngest came in with us when he was four. By then the others were seven, seven and eleven. Our fifth grandchild came into the family later. We took some great trips, usually to Falls Creek, but also to the Zoo, and to Pensacola, FL. One year we went to the Fort Worth Zoo while we were in Texas, and that year to Destin, FL. We usually camped once in parks , then got a cabin or house in Florida. One year we went to South Carolina and saw, Fort Sumpter, Tybee Island, old plantation houses, and stayed on the beach.We went to the naval base and went into a sub! One year we went up to the Cumberland Gap, and saw where Daniel Boone came thru the gap...One year, we took the three, who then lived in Georgia, to the Warm Springs, GA "white house" where President Roosevelt vacationed. We also visited Juliette, GA, the scene of the movie, "Fried Green Tomatoes", then rented the movie that night and enjoyed seeing where we had been and how the movie was depicted.
You can visit the Whistle Stop Cafe, eat barbeque...remember the barbeque pit out back???
Usually when we camped, we would take bikes...about seven...and bike or hike all over the park, usually ending up at the "swimming hole".I have told you about that...I don't think John and I will ever go down that bluff again, but it was fun while it lasted.
More about trips another time.
John and I did more garden- moving- flowers and rocks over to Cathy's today and feel really good to be able to do this. I go back to the oncologist next Thursday so I have one more week to feel good. I guess he and I will have to decide what I can and am willing to do, med-wise. I cannot take as heavy a dose as I was taking, so we shall see.
I have done lots of praying as I dig and garden this week. Being out in nature is a great time to meditate.
"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer." Psalm 19:14

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