Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Peace be with you..."

In the Bible, in John 20, some of Jesus' first words after the resurection were these, "peace be with you". I feel these words were sent to me today. I have peace because the cancer has not grown during the four months of no-chemo (except for two tiny,tiny cells added in the liver) and two others are smaller. So this is a win-win situation! As my doctor says, cancer can be like a disease you live with (with new medicines,) kind of like diabetes or other chronic diseases. The new chemo was held for me to have (not by man's doings) and I start on it next week. They say there are few side effects, mainly the bad part is going two days a week (probably forever or as long as I tolerate it and/or it does some good). Did I tell that I had to have radiation before the Hawaii trip...well, that doctor says that went well and I am ok with that today was a blessed day with joy and hope for living longer and living well. I want to take care or John and be with our family.
Tomorrow is John's second eye shot and we are praying this will keep the sight in that eye. ( He is pretty much blind for central vision in the right eye now.)
Meantime, life goes on; several friends are suffering cancer, infections, bad surgeries (are there any good ones?), just lots of diseases and maladies that interfere with normal life activities. These create sadness for them, and lots of prayers for their well being. This is a celebration weekend, Easter always seems a joyful time of newness of life and hope. Peace be with you......

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