Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"...the gift of God is eternal life..."

Isn't God wonderful to save us and take care of us in every way! I had to go back to Sara Cannon again today then I will be there the next two days, so I feel like I have moved in (four days) this week. I asked them if I could just work there! I had to have blood draw again, collect 24 hours urine again, and hopefully start the chemo tomorrow, the reduced one. If the two together was dangerous to kidneys, then I am thankful I could not take the two together, since this one, which is also experimental, may be just the right one for me, and less dangerous.
When I read emails today, a friend had sent me one about "flour sacks" from the 30's and 40's. It brought back memories of the fabric sacks that lots of items came in--flour, chicken feed, cow and horse feed, and other animal feeds. Grandma bought it in chicken feed and we would try to get several sacks of the same pattern so we would have enough to make a skirt, dress, curtains, etc. I still have napkins and place mats Grandma made made from the feed sacks. I treasure them for her ingenuity, thrift and being able to use such products. I remember her kitchen curtains made from these bags. John says his mother also made lots of skirts and dresses from these. This was a depression way to get by. As RomansThere was a back porch and various furniture out there, since it was kind of the place to sit and hand sew, wash vegetables, my play area when I was young, place for boiled custard to set in the cold during get the picture? Grandma would paint the porch furniture every spring, usually white. When she died and we divided up household goods, I had several of these pieces of furniture refinished. There was a pie safe, beautiful (under all that paint) and a friend who refinished it, said it was hand made, apparently by whoever did it, just using all the wood around. It had about 20 kinds of wood in it...maple, apple, ash, oak ,cherry, chestnut, and so on. It is one of the prettiest pieces of furniture in the family.
As Romans 6:23 says, "...the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord."

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