Tuesday, May 4, 2010

...:He will be our guide...:

I need to use the scripture about not being anxious, because the closer I get to Thursday, the more "anxious" I get. I feel almost normal and the thought of getting back into the "rat poison" really makes me nauseous! Then I think about the floods here and the friends who have lost so much...Thankfully we have not had any friends who have lost lives. But the whole thing is so difficult to handle.
Well I have been going through the summers and trips with the grandchildren. By 1998, they had all "dropped out" for jobs, summer school activities or busy stuff. The youngest grandson still had not had his "special trip". We told him the others had had such great trips, what did he want to do? "I just want to go to Falls Creek" was his reply. We urged him to look at a map and pick a famous lake somewhere like Yellowstone, etc. and go there to fish (his greatest love at that point). Again he told us he just wanted to go to Falls creek. So we rented a cabin which hung over the lake, rented a boat for the week, and stocked up on any food he might want and ate in the Inn whenever he wanted to. In short: a boy's dream vacation! He fished before breakfast, afternoon, whenever he wanted to. We rode bikes, climbed the falls, swam in the big "swimming hole"; then we would play golf in the afternoons and really had such a good time. One really funny thing, John wanted to guide the boat and Mark said "no, he knew where the fish were" and John said, "but I am paying for the boat", so these two "children" went round and round over the boat while I laughed! The last day, Mark said "Pops, you can drive the boat back to turn it in"...such was our funny week and really memorable in every way.He went with us one more summer when he was 15, but then he started working and he too dropped out. These were the greatest summers ever.
Times passes, now we see "greats" but won't take them on trips like this.
God provides for each phase of life...Psalm 48:14 says, "For this God is our God for ever and ever; He will be our guide even to the end."

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