Tuesday, May 11, 2010

..."hope does not disappoint us..."

Today I have corresponded with three friends who have various kinds of cancer...all either in chemo or waiting for surgery. I just "met" one of these and I wrote her a long "letter" telling of how I have done over these six years. As I wrote it I thought "I can't believe I did all this" Another told me of having a good CT today...I was not jealous, but thinking of how badly I want to have a good scan on Thursday.
We are 95 % sure our house has sold---a real God's wonderful blessing, but regardless, we will move in two weeks and be in our new apartment. My sister came today and helped me pack some things. I think stuff multiplies in the closets and on the shelves. We did so much clearing out and getting rid of stuff 11 years ago when we downsized to this house and I cannot believe how much we have to get rid of again. Of course, we are going to a much smalled abode and last time we did lots of getting smaller then also.
One more day of fun then the tough stuff.. Romans 5:5 says .."Hope does no disappoint us because God has poured out His love into our heart by the Holy Spirit whom He has given us..." I think I live on Hope more than anything! Thank you God for all our blessings!

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  1. You do and did amaze me...we are so resilient. God gave us such a will to live and in his Strength and Presence, we know we can wrestle and make the best of this fight. Hope is a precious thing. All the best in your packing and moving. I've done it 42 times. We've lived here 8 yrs. Though we have a small house, I know there will be more downsizing to come in the years ahead. (isn't it like Christmas, those closets??) : )