Monday, May 3, 2010

"Sing for Joy to God..."

Well we lost our electricity for a while and lost our cable and TV for more than two days...and it rained and rained!! Nashville had 13 inches of rain in two days, all time record in that time period, and a small town south of here had 18 inches of rain in that time period. So everything is flooded and many friends and acquaintances have lost homes, furniture, cars, and it is just devastating. One friend said, "well we are OK and that is just things"...a blessed attitude for such tragedy.
Lots of trees were blown down and lines down, straight line winds came through, so this was some weekend!!!
When they removed the cable at Falls Creek to go down to the big falls, they left another cable that goes down to a lake and the bottom of another falls. That is still there to climb down and we would usually go down that. It is longer, and slopes more but not as straight up and down. You still have to hold the cable to not fall going up and down and in several places, you have to just climb up a bluff. The next summer besides the usual Falls Creek, we took one grandson to Pickett Park, and nearby is the grist mill and home of Sgt. Alvin York. He was the World War I hero who captured many German soldiers..he had learned to shoot, hunting squirrels in the Tennessee woods and he was a crack shot! The mill overlooks a waterfall and is in such beautiful land to hike through.
I am still thinking what to do when I go Thursday to the oncologist. I know, I said I could not do the chemo any more. I just go back and forth in my mind, can I do it again or not???I am half way through this treatment and it would be a shame if it is working to give up half way through. I guess alot depends on what my doctor says and if he thinks I can physically do it. This nearly two weeks "off" sure did help and I feel stronger that a week ago.
I pray that God will make it very clear what I ought to do. Psalm 81:1 says "Sing for joy to God our strength, shout aloud to the God of Jacob..."

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