Saturday, May 15, 2010

"In Him our heart rejoices..."

I lost everything I just wrote, and don't know why...I get so tired of being so illiterate on this machine!!! This week has been good, and the past two days with chemo have not been bad at all. If they were all like this I could stand it. I know this is cumulative so it may get worse as I go along. I pretty much know the rest of my life will probably be like this, chemo after chemo...unless a miracle of God takes it away. Which is possible...anyway, "We wait in hope for the Lord; He is our help and our shield. In Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His holy name." Psalm 33:20-21

We went to a brunch this morning with many of the camping friends I have told about. We looked at old pictures of 30+ years ago when the men had hair and all us girls were skinny and thought we were fat! We were tan and had pretty hair, had on cute clothes and sandals, no lace up shoes or canes....where did the years go???

I have sewed half the day, trying to get ahead of the spring decorating frenzy. I need to pack more and cannot believe the FRAMES we have--of course, when we moved here we downsized and hated to get rid of pictures, now we are downsizing again and HAVE to get rid of maybe 100 + frame! That does not count the pictures we cannot get rid of! Oh well, I guess our children will get rid of them someday.
Meanwhile, "we rejoice in the Lord!"

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