Sunday, May 9, 2010

"I will --sleep in peace..."

What a wonderful Mother's Day... Our oldest son called and I enjoyed finding out lots of family stuff from him, then we were at our daughter's for dinner tonight and with two of the grandchildren and their families. I will always miss our Johny and Mother's Day will always be a little lonely and sad, without him...kind of "incomplete". I have a busy week, hope for sale of our home and we are going through papers, old cards, old books and magazines. John wants to keep "everything" and I tell him, the kids will throw this away so quick, when we are gone! Besides we have very little storage room for just "stuff"! Downsizing is so hard to do! As I have said, the hardest part is deciding what you cannot live without and what HAS to family or in a sale. As our town has gone through the terrible floods last week, and our preacher talked about it today, all "this stuff we accumulate is just that---STUFF!" But we get so attached and seem to base our lives around all this furniture, knickknacks, pictures, clothes, Christmas decorations, on and on...
So many families have lost so much and so many say, "well we are alive and that is just stuff". So all my rambling just is so say, that family is what is important, we will do fine as we move, and get used to living in less space. We will be where family is closer and can take care of us as we age even more.
I am going to enjoy my three more days of feeling good, then see what the CT shows on Thursday. I always dread the chemo, dread the accessing my port, dread the needles in the veins, but once I get caught up in it, I am fighting again for my life and trusting God to direct the chemo for my good, totally in His hands as always.

Suzzanne, one of my cousins in Missouri sent this scripture: Psalm 4:8
"I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety."

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