Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed me thy name.....

Your kindom come, your will be done...Matthew 6:9-10
I have pushed with all that is in me and so has John to get things partially moved to Cathy and Ronnie's. The movers will be here this week, but there is so much stuff we would not let them move...jim and cindy were immeasureable in helping us. Cathy and Ronnie cleaned our garage, shop are, just unbelieveable all that our children have done. Our grandaughter and her husband came and helped. I had to go through old things I had saved for years and just could not let it go---like all Johny's funeral things (cards, flower memo's, someone took pictures of all the flowers, letters people wrote after he died) I threw all of this away. Our children would not keep this and I had rather dispose of it than have it there for later. I have all my memories for keeping. I did keep some of his favorite toys, calendars, books, pictures, things like that.
I got rid of things from our parents, things that would not mean anything to anyone else. This is the tough part of downsiding!
I have not felt very good but I pushed a lot to do things. Even on 1/2 dose, the doses 3 and 4 were harder on me than doses 1 and 2.
So that means next week will be the tough week, but will finish up that cycle. Hopefully we will be moved by that Thursday, not settled but at least moved.
So, my Father in Heaven, help me and us to have the strength to do all we have to do!

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