Monday, May 31, 2010

"...A shield around my head..."

Oh my what a week!!! We moved, which involved the big truck with 4 men and 7 hours of moving furniture...they had to bring all of it up a steep drive, and many steps...they worked so hard! Then John and I and friends, went back for many boxes. Most of the time, we would get it here and realize there was not room for all that and so half the box would go back to our old house for the sale. Many of Mama and Grandma's pretty dishes, many of John's mother's furniture...but I have already said I would not grieve over "things" that are all gone now. Our family has taken all they have room for, so it has to go. We finally got computer hook-up on Saturday but I was too sick and tired to blog until today. In the midst of all the move, I had the last two chemo's of that cycle and the last ones always make me very nauseated, so zofran has been my best friend this weekend. I also have been short of breath. The 1/2 dose did not relieve that problem.
So we are in our cozy apartment...close to family and where we need to be. They are helping in every way and what praise we give God for this blessing of family!
Today is Memorial Day..honoring our soldiers and those who are passed on. John's brother died at age 22 and just think, he would be 88 if he were alive today. Think of all the husbands, brothers, sons, plus the women who are and have been soldiers over the years! We have such blessings of freedom in this country and take so much for granted. Thank you God for our brave soldiers of all the years! "But you are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head. To the Lord I cry aloud, and He answers from His holy hill."

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  1. Bev, Good to hear from you again. I have prayed so for you. I'm glad you are moved and are settling into your "new digs". You are an inspiration to me. I've moved many, many times and know what a great deal of work that is...mental and physical.
    A toast to is my drug of choice to. I too have had that shortness of breath. I asked for a chest xray on Sat night...everything is fine. That means it's the chemo.
    I hope you get some rest. Blessings! kathryn