Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Therefore I glory in Christ Jesus..."

Yesterday was such a glorious day, outside, gardening, lying in the grass, watching clouds go by...Today was 10 inches of rain! Wow, what an opposite...God gives us what we need at each moment. So we are praying and trying to not be please- God- give- me- this -and- this! He knows our every need so how do I pray for health and our house to sell and not be like a child wanting all these things? I want to give God all the glory for His wondrous care of us and talk to Him about what we feel are "needs" but not be a "please give me this and that".
I told you about the boys big trip. Next year or so, when she was 14, our oldest granddaughter got her "big trip". We let her choose anywhere she wanted to go in the US and she chose Seattle. We flew there, stayed close to the Needle (where we ate wonderful steaks one night and watched the Needle circle uptown. A friend's (here) parents live there and they had us for fresh salmon one fresh can you get! We took the speed ferry over to Victoria Island and saw Butchart Gardens and stayed there in a B&B. Those gardens were a rock quarry and the owners' wife had soil hauled in and made 55 acres of the most fabulous gardens, lots and lots of roses which grow perfectly in that soil and weather.
We always had fun with our grandchildren and this was no exception.
We also did the Falls Creek camping trip that summer with everyone.
I think that was the year one grandson saw a snake by the path, and everyone said "oh sure you did..." thinking he was making it up...soon we came to that part of the path and sure enough---a big snake!!!We believed him always from then on!
Now that granddaughter had three sons of her own, and how precious they are..and the memories we have of our special summers together!
"Therefore I glory in Christ Jesus in my service to God.." Romans 2:17

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