Thursday, October 22, 2009

It is easy to Forget I have cancer!

Except for going and having blood drawn every day, it is easy to forget there is cancer lurking inside my body! I am sure (remembering how bad the chemo has been in the past) that in two weeks, I will be VERY aware. For now, though, staying busy, doing the ordinary things, I feel very normal and very healthy. Maybe the scans were wrong!!Maybe the surgery was a mistake, a bad dream!! No, that is not again, my mind is wandering. John and I were talking about our parents, grandparents and how we always remember things they used to say, and wonder if anyone will say about us, "remember when Grandma used to say-----?" or "remember how Pops used to ---"? We will never know. John's Dad used to say "if you have a roof over your head and food to eat, you are blessed", or "if you have time, I have a five-minute job for you" (of course, the job often took five HOURS..) He was an interesting and dear person. He was one of six children from Alabama, left the farm life at age 17 and went to telegrapher's school. Then World War I started and he went in the Navy. He used to tell us how their ship went thru the Panama Canal in 1917, when it was fairly new. He wanted to be a lawyer and we still have his law books, but the depression "happened" and he went to work for the L&N Railroad and worked there until he was 79 years old---longer than anyone ever had worked there. He was such a fine christian man. One of his favorite recommendations for raising boys was to have them move a pile of rocks then move it back...keep them busy!!!This must have worked for he raised two fine sons. So this tribute is to "the Judge" as everyone called much loved father-in-law. So today, we "Praise ye the Lord--Blessed is the man that fears the Lord, that delighteth greatly in His commandments." Psalm 112:1


  1. i like the idea of moving piles of rocks!

  2. Think Boo is too young to start moving rocks?! He'd probably try to eat them. :-)