Monday, October 26, 2009

Waiting and feeling "poorly"

If you are "older" you can remember when people (usually older people) would say they felt "poorly"...I guess that is a good description of how you feel when nothing is really wrong, you just don't feel like you could do anything you want to do. So this is how I have felt today--slightly out of sorts. I have kept busy, and never am bored. I used to say (when I was teaching) that I could have a month of snow days and never run out of something to do. Alot of friends say they would not or could not do Facebook...I had such a nice surprise today-- a friend of my children's (from way back) found me on Facebook and wrote such a wonderful "letter" and this just made my day. What a fun way to find old friends and stay in touch with new friends...I have not seen this "child" in 40 what joy!!So my day ended up not so "poorly" and tomorrow comes soon and the anticipated second infusion will be given and we shall see how it reacts. I have had more sickly feelings than I was supposed to from this first one so I am ready to see how the second one reacts. then the anticipated chemo is to be started a week from tomorrow. A friend sent me a set of Bible verses in a holder--such a nice surprise and one of these verses is just for me today: "Indeed, the very hairs of your head are numbered. Don't be afraid, you are worth more than many sparrows." Luke 12:7


  1. Wonderful verse! Sorry you have started to feel icky! We love you!

  2. Hello My Dear One!
    I missed seeing your smile yesterday but am
    praying for you to feel better and that our
    awesome God that loves us so much is giving
    you comfort and you feel his love.

    Jim and I love you so very much and you are
    constantly in our prayers! I pray for you
    to feel GOOD TODAY! Love you my friend,