Thursday, October 8, 2009

Remembering Grandma

My sister and I were talking today about how God gives us strength for each road in this journey of life. Her husband has recently passed away and she is the youngest of us "girls". We decided, that even with our wonderful parents that Grandma was one of the deciding factors in the strength of our life fabric. We were raised next door to one set of grandparents. Our Dad's parents died quite young and we never knew Papa B, and I knew Mama B until I was 9 and she also died and my youngest sister never knew her. So we grew up close to these other grandparents who were tremendous influences on our lives.
Grandma never drove a car. She was contented in whatsoever state of life she was in and lived to be 98. At age 90 she still lived as a widow in her own home, took in boarders and asked the roofer (on installing a new roof) "is there a 20 year guarantee on this roof?"
She gardened, taught Sunday school, sewed, mowed her grass with a PUSH mower, kept chickens and sold the eggs, and sang hymns as she did her work. I never heard her talk about anyone in a negative way. I know I am painting a picture of someone who could not possibly be that "good"...and I don't think I am remembering from a "rose-tinted glasses" viewpoint. She lost a baby when he was 18 months , another son at age 55, her husband when she was 73, and she kept her home by doing all the things necessary (boarders, chickens, etc). Through all our childhood, running across the bridge to see them, living partly in her home, drawing courage watching her handle life, we were learning life skills by observing and seeing the perfect example of a christian woman. When she finally had to go to a nursing home, I would visit and we would sit on the side of her bed, swinging our feet and she would say, "God has kept me alive, just so I can pray for our family". So I remember her and know that my ability to have strength, trust in God for all needs and enjoy each day of life comes from my "9 year old body standing between her and the chicken she had killed and was cutting up"...guess who knew how to cut up chickens when she got married! Thanks, Grandma, for many life lessons. Phillipians 4:19 "And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus."

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  1. Your grandmother's saying, "God has kept me alive so I could pray for our family"---this is priceless. And today, a Savior intercedes for you, Beverly.